Twelve Seconds Book by Nicholas R Carter

Giving Small Businesses a Lift

What gets a business off the ground? Well, we can tell you that the book, Twelve Seconds, is only part of the puzzle. Lift exists to provide conferences, workshops, classes, and ongoing coaching for small businesses.

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Nick Carter

Twelve Seconds Book by Nicholas R Carter

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How can you get your business to truly take off? If you’re ready to pilot your business to new heights, this book was written for you.

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"This book is a tremendous resource for entrepreneurs, and those looking to start a business. I highly recommend Twelve Seconds, it's definitely giving my business the lift it needs toward success!"

—Charity Kountz, Founder of Kountz Marketing Group

"As a business coach, I’m not a sage. I teach businesses owners to succeed at the fundamentals. I recommend this book precisely because it does not promise to reveal some mystical secret to business. Twelve Seconds is a practical, basic guide for entrepreneurs to follow."

—Jeff Sheets, Entrepreneur and Business Coach